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エイト アワー クリーム (チューブ) 50ml

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Petrolatum (56.8%), Other: Lanolin, Mineral Oil, Fragrance, Salicylic Acid, Propylparaben, Castor Oil, Corn Oil, Tocopherol, BHT, Iron Oxides
2019年04月14日 投稿: Mary F様
I have extremely dry skin. My feet will crack and bleed because my skin is so dry. Recently I discovered Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Cream.

My feel are no longer dry and cracked. It is brilliant!
2018年07月03日 投稿: Shelley H様
LOVE this product... I have been using it once a day on my lips for years and have never suffered from dryness. The tube lasts for ages too so it's great value!
2018年06月03日 投稿: Susan M様
Would never not have this in the bathroom cupboard. It's perfect for so many uses and I have been using it for years and years. Fabulous product.
2017年06月04日 投稿: Shalini S様
This product is my life line.
I use it myself as well as for my 6 month old baby .
It works like a charm.
2017年01月23日 投稿: Shalini S様
Amazing product for me as well as my baby.
Actually 3 generation are using it my mom, me and my 2 month old baby and it's great for all of us.
2016年11月06日 投稿: Sachi I様
Absorbs Quickly
Goes On Smoothly
Long Lasting
Moisturizes Well
Not Greasy
Smells Great
Softens Skin
2016年08月04日 投稿: Gloria L様
This is my third time buying this excellent product. My favoourite product at all times, moisturising crack skin to lips.
2015年09月19日 投稿: Jeanette S様
This is a great product for very dry skin and minor cuts and abrasions knocks the socks off PawPaw ointment. I have sampled the 8 Hour lip therapy for my lips and it softens and smooths them so that will be my next purchase!!
2015年06月17日 投稿: Nicola B様
Absolutely sensational product.....I have had to use a nasty cream from the dermatologist for a space of 21 days, applying twice daily which created an immune response in order for my body to repair any sun damage. This results in a nasty scabby sore - however after applying the 8 hour cream after my treatment finished, I had beautiful fresh new skin in a matter of days!! fabulous for any abrasions, dry, chapped hands, minor cuts etc - great for use in the wet method of healing and creates a waterproof barrier to keep out any dirt, germs etc.
Can't fault it! :) :) :)
2015年01月27日 投稿: Charlotte T様
Brilliant all rounder! I use it to tame my eyebrows. Remember a little goes a long way as has quite a thick consistency.
2014年02月18日 投稿: Janet S様
I highly recommend this product. I apply it in the morning and my lips are soft and smooth for most of the day and then I apply it at night after I have taken off all my makeup. I don't think I could live without it. It has really improved the appearance and feel of my lips.
2014年01月15日 投稿: Ilona V様
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (50ml) is an amazing product. It works so well on dry skin and lips. It's always in my handbag!
2013年08月03日 投稿: Bronwyn M様
This is absolutely as good as everyone says. It is a true Holy Grail product. I had some dry patches of skin on the side of my nose that nothing I tried fixed. It was annoying because the area looked really patchy even with makeup. Within 48 hours of using this, they were gone! It has also been incredible for dry lips and the cracked skin at the corner of the mouth that I suffer from in Winter. I am now using it on my dry cuticles. I would never be without a tube of this in my bag now - it is a true multi-use wonder product. Highly recommend.
2013年07月27日 投稿: Marlyn C様
Amazing product! I get dry patches of eczema all over my body, particularly on my arms and leg and this has been a godsend! Not only does the cream sooth and soften my skin, it also heals the cracks, even the deep ones that bleed. Plus it's such a multipurpose product, I also use this on my lips, on burns and on my dry cuticles. Easily my most used winter product.
2013年06月19日 投稿: stephney B様
I haven't used this cream on my face because I am reluctant to use anything of this consisitency but after reading the review above I will certainly give it a try. I do use it regulary on my lips, cuticles , heels and elbows. I have had the same tube for ages. My husband has dermatitis on his hands so I'ss get him to try it.
2013年04月01日 投稿: Sarah H様
Wonderful product! Has quite a thick consistency, but once you get over that and the fact it really isn't anything like a "cream" you will find so many uses for it! Contains salicylic acid so is great for helping to keep skin clear and exfoliate. When I feel like my skin is just not doing what I want, or the texture is just down right weird, I rub a small amount between my finger tips and pat it on gently over my entire face before bed. Next morning, wash your face and your skin will feel so baby soft!

I have also had a persistent patch of dermatitis on my wrist and on one of my eyelids that I had not been able to shake for a few weeks. I had tried steroid creams, hydro-cortisone creams, natural moisturisers, moisturizing oils and nothing would help calm it down. Two night of using this product and they were gone! Just like magic. Cannot recommend it enough!

Oh, and it's also a fabulous lip treatment - told you there are a ton of uses!