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エイトアワー リップケアスティック 3.7g

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Active Ingredients: Padimate (0.8% W/W), Oxybenzone (2.4% w/w), Petrolatum (30.2% W/W)Other Ingredients: Castor (Ricinus Communis) Oil, Ozokerite, Glyceryl Rosinate, Cetyl Lactate, Lanolin Oil, Myristyl Lactate, Cetyl Acetate, Candelilla (Euphorbia Cerifera) Wax, Carnauba (Copernicia Cerifera) Wax, Beeswax, Tocopherol, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Microcrystalline Wax, Corn (Zea Mays) Oil, BHT, Methylstyrene/Vinyltoluene Copolymer, Fragrance, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Iron Oxides.
2022年07月17日 投稿: Morag C様
Excellent product. Works on my dry lips
2021年09月01日 投稿: Wendy T様
Lovely soft lip balm. Still getting used to it, but happy so far.
2021年08月06日 投稿: Sandra C様
Great product that I have been using forever and at an even better price. The usual excellent service and communication from Cosmetics Now. Thanks :)
2021年05月31日 投稿: Dee R様
So far so good! The packaging with the seal was superb. I tried the Elizabeth Arden first and it feels really great. I have very full lips and it’s feel soft but not greasy. The ease of ordering and the other two products I bought are sealed very well so I’ll use those once the EA is all used up. Will definitely be buying from here again!
2021年05月14日 投稿: Sherley K様
Excellent product, wouldn't be without it. Takes a little while to reach NZ sometimes, but the tracking and packaging are first rate. Well pleased
2021年03月15日 投稿: Risma A様
Well packaging and yes my lips moist than other lipcare stick, will buy again in the future
2021年01月26日 投稿: Anonymous 様
excellent product..recommended
2020年12月12日 投稿: Sarita M様
Fast delivery and product is really good. Love it, price is great.
2020年10月16日 投稿: Sheila R様
Prices and service amazing, as well as fast tracking delivery.
2020年08月28日 投稿: Krittima T様
Great service and fast delivery
Product good for everyday use
2020年08月09日 投稿: Stephanie T様
I love these, they are moisturising and great for your lips in summer and winter.
This is the cheapest price I can get them so I always order 3 at once.
Prompt dispatch and delivery to.
Thankyou Cosmetics Now
2019年11月26日 投稿: Bernardine N様
Awesome service and fast delivery.
2019年11月19日 投稿: Maureen K様
Great every day use
2019年03月14日 投稿: Sandra F様
Love this lip balm. I've been buying it from Cosmetics Now for quite a while now. It's one of the best lip balms I've tried and I've tried a few.
2018年09月07日 投稿: Virginia L様
This lip care is not fancy but in good quality. I have been using it for more then 15 years Especially in winter. It is rich enough to protect my lip but not grease. It can be used all year round. I love it.
2018年08月02日 投稿: Andrea W様
Fantastic; i keep one in my handbag and one beside my bed, I would definitely recommend this
2018年04月29日 投稿: Hazel D様
Accidently stumbled on this fantastic lip care stick on this site. I'm not a lipstick wearer, but I do wear lip balms/moisturisers for my very dry lips, this product provides much needed hydration during summer, will have to see if it will work through winter as well. Only negative is that I do need to constantly reapply, so there's one in the bathroom and one in my handbag! Fantastic website with free and fast delivery, highly recommended.
2018年03月12日 投稿: Leia C様
So far so good. It feels nice and lasts a long time
2017年10月22日 投稿: Anne G様
I love this lip balm , I can’t be without it.You can wear it under the lipstik gives that gloss or on its own .I always carry one in my handbag & aspare
2017年10月19日 投稿: Janet H様
an excellent product with excellent stickability. This lipstick has the right texture to stay on without being too dry and waxy. Not sure if it was there for 8 hours but it did a pretty good job.
2017年09月28日 投稿: Emma V様
Love this product, been using it for many years, put it on before you go to bed and you wake up with beautiful soft lips, not greasy either like some lips balms. Definitely recommend for anyone with dry chapped lips.
2017年09月23日 投稿: Mel D様
I love this eight hour lipcare stick 3g. I've been using it for 25 years, I wear it everyday, It's long lasting and a quick overnight fix for dry chapped lips.
I keep one at work, at home, in the car and in my bag.
My daughter put me on to your site. She raved about your product range. I like the ease of ordering and your fast delivery.
I'll be ordering from you again in the future.
You definitely get a 5 star review from me, thanks again
2017年09月15日 投稿: Anne G様
Very satisfied with the product. Can be used with or without lipstick. Keeps lips soft & supple.Highly recommend.
2017年07月08日 投稿: Geraldine K様
A beautiful lip product which is a delight to use. I have purchased this one before and I will purchase it again for sure. It has a lovely case and is so much nicer than ordinary lip balm. I highly recommend it.
2017年05月14日 投稿: Anne G様
This is a great lip product. Glides on very easily and absorbs very quickly. It has definitely helped my dry chapped lips. It is much more convenient and sanitary than lip balms/glosses in a tub form. I thoroughly recommend this product. Super fast despatch time.
2017年03月27日 投稿: Gail B様
Elizabeth Arden has solved anyones problems with Dry Lips, this is a wonderful product it works instantley, a dramatic change that will give you relief for hours and hours... Highly recommend to all.
2017年03月17日 投稿: Gail B様
and hours, I would highly recommend to all. with airconditioning all ways around, summer and winter, this is a life saver. Thank You Elizabeth Arden for this wonderful Lip Saver.
2017年01月23日 投稿: Shalini S様
Can't live without it.It's good for me as well as my 2 month old baby.
2017年01月08日 投稿: Reem N様
I really like it !! Thanks for your fast delivery
2016年11月20日 投稿: Debi R様
This particular lip balm is absolutely gorgeous. it slides on really lovely and isnt sticky at all. Highly recommended
2016年07月24日 投稿: Marion R様
Great product. East to use and carry in your handbag. Easy ordering and fast delivery
2016年06月23日 投稿: Katarina N様
I love these lipcare sticks. It is more of a moisturiser than a lip balm or gloss. I find it absorbs quickly but keeps my lips soft for hours. The tinted ones look like a subtle lip tint. I have multiple and great for travelling.
2016年06月12日 投稿: Kathryn N様
Lovely glides on like velvet only disappointment is having to reapply often
Great price and speedy delivery
Kath 12 June 2016
2016年03月17日 投稿: Karen D様
Perfect lip conditioner and protector in a very convenient form. Prevents chapped lips in windy weather and helps keep dry lips in good condition. Wouldn't travel without it!
2016年02月27日 投稿: Jenny L様
Very long lasting lip stick! Don't need to reapply for the whole day.
2016年02月27日 投稿: Jenny L様
Very long lasting lip stick! Don't need to reapply for the whole day.
2016年02月26日 投稿: Eris L様
I use the 8 hour cream on flights and at other times when i feel my skin needs a boost, so decided to try the lipcare stick. Has not disappointed and is much more convenient than applying the cream to my lips.
2016年02月19日 投稿: Julie H様
A friend recommended this to me. I am so happy with this Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip product. It's so smooth it glides. It helps moisten my lips. No more painful cracked dry lips for me.
2016年01月13日 投稿: Jennifer N様
It is an excellent lip conditioner. My lip feels soft n moist after the application n it's easy to apply without any effort!
2015年12月21日 投稿: Susan D様
I live in the outback where there are often punishing hot winds that leave my lips desiccated. Elizabeth Arden 8 hr lip care stick is the ONLY thing that works. I stock it up now because running out is a fate worse than death.
2015年12月14日 投稿: Marion R様
Amazing lip product. Always use this on its own or under lipstick or gloss. Leaves lips so soft. A great lip conditioner. Even in cold weather when lips can become dry and chapped this product will fix it. Don't leave home without one in your bag.
2015年11月29日 投稿: June B様
I have been using this product for 25 years. Stores stopped carrying this item so I got it from my New Zealand friends, but that supply ended.
This product is the “Rolls Royce” of lip balms. It’s moisturising, long-lasting and more sanitary than a pot /tub.
I never thought of using this product with Elizabeth Arden LipFix, but after reading this handy hint from another review, I can see that it makes sense and I will now do so too.
This website has good prices, good products and good delivery. I will continue to order from this website.
Thank you. Irene
2015年10月18日 投稿: Kathleen G様
I have been using this product for 40 years; slowly the price went up & stores do not readily carry this item so I have to order from a big name store (priced too high I might add). My girlfriend turned me on to this site & I was extremely happy w/ the pricing, delivery and your product lines. I will continue to order from you and pass the good word on to my other friends & family. I never have dry or peeling lips. I use this w/ the Elizabeth Arden LipFix; I put the LipFix on directly after brushing teeth then when putting my make-up on I apply the tube before I put my Lipstick on; which keeps my lipstick from spidering up into cracks and keeps me from having to re-apply lipstick even after eating & drinking. Thank you for your wonderful site. Kathleen
2015年08月15日 投稿: Clare B様
Excellent lip balm, not greasy at all. I've tried other brands of a comparable price band and find this the most effective.
2014年11月25日 投稿: Charlotte T様
Wonderful as a base/primer for lip gloss or lipstick or also lovely alone as a lip balm. Long lasting :)
2014年10月13日 投稿: Ada L様
I like this very much, it is my go to lip balm on a daily basis. The texture is smooth and not sticky, moistures my lips. Definitely recommend for those with problems of dry lips.
2014年10月08日 投稿: Xiao Z様
This is the best lip balm I have ever used! I use this lip balm every day. It is great alone or under lipstick. It makes my lips feel so soft and repairs chapped and dry lips in about a day!
2014年04月29日 投稿: Zhiwei Z様
Lovely lip balm. no drawbacks at all. It's just little pricy and I am looking for a replacement... but definitely worth it if you have dry lips and are after a product that can fix it overnight.
2013年07月27日 投稿: Marlyn C様
This is a great lip product, it fixes my dry chapped lips in winter and summer and it's much more sanitary than the tub or tube or eight hour cream! I do however find that it's not as long wearing as using the regular eight hour cream, but great for the handbag nonetheless.