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20% ビタミン C セラム + ビタミン E + フェルラ酸 30ml

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  • 超充電された明るい顔面血清.
  • 軽量で虐待されていないフォーミュラは、肌にすばやく透過的に吸収されます.
  • 20%の濃度のL-アスコルビン酸、非常に効果的な皮膚抗酸化剤およびコラーゲンビルダーが含まれています.
  • 健康的な細胞の離職を促進するために、ビタミンEとフェルル酸で強化されました.
  • 肌の色合いを夕方に出しながら、色素沈着過剰の影響を最小限に抑える.
  • 老化の兆候を加速できる環境ストレッサーに対する保護を提供する.
  • より鮮明でより輝く顔色を明らかにします.
  • パラベン、フレグランス、染料、残酷さはありません.
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Water, Ethoxydiglycol, L-Ascorbic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Alpha Tocopherol, Polysorbate 80, Panthenol, Ferulic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Benzylalcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid
2023年03月01日 投稿: Tania B様
Have heard so much about this product so looking forward to trying out. Took a little while to arrive but there was pretty good communication so no real problem. I would order from this company again.
2022年10月07日 投稿: Vogue W様
Best vitamin C serum ever. Removed my pigmentation caused by sun damage in around 9 months. Plays beautifully with my other products, doesn’t leave me oily or greasy and gives my skin a beautiful glow.
Can’t recommend it enough
2022年06月07日 投稿: Anonymous 様
Took a bit longer than expected to arrive, but product is absolutely flawless!
2022年01月25日 投稿: Juliet N様
First time user. So far so good.
Very happy at this stage.
2021年10月11日 投稿: Jane P様
Love this Vitamin C serum so easy to use and great results. Ordering was so easy and fast delivery.
2021年09月20日 投稿: Amanda H様
This serum is my favorite out of the many serums I have tried it has made my skin so much brighter and has diminished the dark spots on my cheeks my skin feels soft and hydrated I have been using it for 3 weeks every morning and am very happy with the results
2021年09月16日 投稿: Susan G様
Such an easy product to use. My skin just soaked it up (so it obviously needed it), totally non greasy.
Expecting to see a big difference, after longer usage.
2021年09月15日 投稿: Linda H様
Fantastic love this product but it is a bit strong i will try the 10 percent next time
2021年08月06日 投稿: Sandra C様
This is a new product for me but I trust Cosmetics Now so I bought it. Three days in and so far so good. The usual high standard of service and communication from CN!
2021年08月05日 投稿: BS Kang様
great product, arrived early as well. looking forward for other product to use as well
2021年07月18日 投稿: Elly T様
Product arrived quickly.
The formula is runnier than I expected, but it absorbs quickly.
Does not irritate my sensitive skin.

Only negative is that there is orange residue on my face from using it but that cleans off easily.
2021年07月14日 投稿: Patricia M様
very nice serum, it is the perfect dupe of the skinceuticals CE !!!
2021年06月12日 投稿: Katherine A様
Great service and product it’s so good to be able to get this product in Australia thanks
2021年05月20日 投稿: Karen L様
The delivery is faster than I expected.

Good product. Will try to buy the largest size at a later stage.
2021年03月03日 投稿: Joanne H様
This product was delivered in perfect condition. No leaking or spills.
Great products, my skin just drinks it all up. Thank you :)
2021年02月21日 投稿: Gabrielle A様
This a fantastic product at a great price.I have paid a lot more for vitamin c products in the past but this product is just as good.It wasn’t tacky like some vitamin c products can be and I have had no negative reaction on my skin at all only positive. This was the first time dealing with your company and I would happily do so again.Very professional.
2021年02月17日 投稿: Terena M様
Timeless Vitamin C 20%

I absolutely love this product, my skin is looking brighter and fresher. Will definitely keep purchasing this one.
2021年01月15日 投稿: Khanh B様
After about five days use my skin looks more bright and even. I've been a fan of the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and have used various dupes over the years. The Timeless serum absorbs well and isn't tacky. Layers mostly well though I did notice some pilling when I layer the Ordinary's Niacinamide serum on top. Also, while I appreciate the pump packaging, I feel that the bottle and pump itself is cheaply/poorly made as there is a lot of leaking/run off with each pump dispensed. But this kinda can be forgiven due to the really affordable price.
2020年09月23日 投稿: Celine F様
Great product! Super lightweight! really makes a difference! fragrance free. Quick shipping to NZ also.
2020年09月16日 投稿: Anonymous 様
This really works!! Amazing stuff. Best ingredients and loads of active ingredients.
2020年09月02日 投稿: Deepshikha B様
Timeless Serum is an Amazing Product and moreover they do fast delivery.
5 star from end.

2020年08月13日 投稿: Gaudi O様
Order arrived quickly, packaged well and the timeless vitamin c serum absorbs rapidly in my skin.I love the texture lightweight non stick and my skin looks brighter I am very happy with the purchase.
2022年06月09日 投稿: Pnina P様
120ml/4oz: Great product for skin. Very delicate on the skin. Gentle aroma. I'm happy how it improves with my skin.
2021年12月18日 投稿: Rupa L様
120ml/4oz: I bought it 2nd time
2021年02月03日 投稿: Brenda P様
120ml/4oz: 120ml Timeless Vitamin C Serum is really worthwhile. It absorbs readily into my ageing skin, is lightweight and doesn’t feel tacky.
I’m really happy with how my skin looks.
I think I’m more of a fan of the blue bottle rather than the plastic pump pack though.
2021年05月20日 投稿: Kerry S様
120ml/4oz: Thank you for my order arrived safely. However the image on the website is different to what was received. Expecting a blue glass bottle, but received a yellow plastic bottle,
2022年05月18日 投稿: Lisa B様
120ml/4oz: So far so good I'm ordering one more sure just need to decide which one best suits my needs the size of the bottle